About the project

A geo-social networking application that aims to acquaint Game Developers with each other for the purpose of forming a functional game development team.

Role & Responsibilities

Lead UI/UX Designer
Market Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & testing

The Problem

Freelancers/Aspiring game developers want a new way to meet potential teammates with multidisciplinary backgrounds because of their inability to find an appropriate space for game developers to formally meet online.

Finding proper teammates can be a huge barrier for novice game developers due to game development being a very multifaceted field to work in.

Market Research

Conducted a Competitive Audit of where the purposed app would go in correlation to existing similar apps on the marketplace. The findings of my research includes-

  • No direct competitor exists

  • however there are apps & platforms that share common functionalities/values as Devbox

  • Mainly Tinder, Bumble Bizz & Linkedin

  • only platforms game developers can find others to collaborate with is on relatively niche reddit forums and discord servers

User Personas

The research conducted made it evident of how different users would use the app. I categorized them into three different personas based on their interests and goals.


Site Map

Test Mock Up

I began to create site maps and low-fi mock ups to construct its information architecture and to test how my app would flow cohesively with its presentation. Once satisfied with my designs, I began to digitize and expand on their ideals.

The Solution

Devbox will allow developers to safely and quickly meet one another by streamlining the networking process.

Developers are able to view others and create their own profiles, swiping on and messaging candidates until they build their perfect team for collaboration.

Choose Your Role

You decide which aspect of game development you would like to pursue, and choose which roles you'd be most likely to network and collaborate with.

Showcase Your Talents

Display yourself to the world around you by highlighting all of your strengths and skills while also linking any project or portfolio work you may have.

Network & Connect

Meet with other game developers within your city and collaborate with one another!