Yayoi Kurasama

About the project

During my master's, we were tasked with finding old outdated websites and to improve upon their flaws. The website my group got assigned with was that of contemporary artist Yayoi Kurasama

Role & Responsibilities

Mobile UI/UX Designer: Interaction, Visual design

Design Rationale

The market we are going for is younger professionals and students in creative industries and fields looking to learn about Yayoi Kusama. This audience might might be looking for big players in the avant-garde art world. Some could even be looking for inspiration for a new work/school project and want to pin past work to their mood boards. We do not want to assume that everyone knows or has seen Kusama in exhibits/galleries.

There are two groups that we want to satisfy with our website redesign. The first is the audience detailed above, and the second is Kusama.

This website intends to be more of a profile than anything else, so the main goal for Kusama is to show her off and reflect her in an accurate and enticing way that will have people wanting to consume more. Considering she is already very popular within the avant-garde art world, we do not need the site to act as a promotional or selling tool.

Screenshot of the Current Layout for Yayoi Kurasama's Website


I began constructing Wireframes with the lead desktop designer for our project. Once we were happy with both of the layouts, I began constructing the mobile portion of the website. We constructed both versions of the wireframes at the same time in order to ensure consistency between the 2 platforms.

Live Demo

A live video demo showcasing the functionalities and the design implementations of the prototype